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Trick Training Seminars!!

Offer your clients a fun and exciting seminar with a fantastic trainer!

One day and two day available.

Disc Dogs
Hey everyone I am excited to announce that I will now be offering ONLINE LESSONS! Now your dog can learn the amazing tricks that the Fur-tastic K9s perform!

Option 1- For $50 a month you can join The Fur-tastic K9s Trick Training group where I will be going live 2x a week with training all of my Fur-tastic K9s, including our newest member, a 8wk old border pap puppy named Viggo. We will go over many tricks from begginer to advance! We will interact through comments and I will answer any questions you may have.

Option 2- I will be offering private training lessons via a live chat. Each lesson is $50 for a 45 min session. Here I will able to work with you with your dog and help you learn some amazing tricks. You can choose whatever trick you want to learn and work on!

Please email with how to sign up.